“EMS isn’t a right... it’s a privilege.”


Randolph Mantooth is widely recognized the world over for his portrayal of Los Angeles County Firefighter/Paramedic “Johnny Gage” in the popular NBC Universal series. “Emergency!” aired 129 episodes and seven two-hour movies, with a national audience that averaged 30 million viewers each week. It continues to run in syndication at home and abroad, attracting a new legion of fans, both young and old.

Throughout the years, Randy has remained a loyal friend and advocate of firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, and other emergency medical providers. Schedule permitting, he makes speeches and personal appearances each year at events all across the country. Credited countless times in person for being the inspiration for lifelong careers dedicated to saving lives, he accepts the accolades with gracious deference to those he considers our true heroes.

Having worked closely with the nation’s first certified firefighter/paramedics, who served as technical advisors on the set of “Emergency!”, Randy brings a unique perspective and insight into the startup and history of pre-hospital treatment in the field. He worked alongside influential men who made a difference … men he greatly admired … the late Robert A. Cinader, creator and executive producer of “Emergency!”, and the man known as the Father of Modern Emergency Medical Services, close friend and mentor, the late James O. Page.


Photos by Don Mantooth

Courtesy LA County Fire Museum